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You are a Monster in a video game, your job is to be kicked off by a hero who's saving the princess.
You just want to throw it all away and quit this awful job by having a word with the boss.

Controls are arrow keys to move, left ctrl to attack and space to jump.

There's actually only the first part made, where you play as the hero kicking the monster butt, and you can finaly control the monster when you save the princess.

This is far from finished, there's way more to accomplish, but there was not enougth time and is was way too ambitious.

Enjoy the animations and decorations made by my two buddies, they made an incredible work in these two days (we work on monday).

This is our entry for the Ludum Dare 33.


MOB.app.zip 20 MB
MOB_win.zip 17 MB
MOB_linux.zip 20 MB